Today I learned how to poach an egg.

Our family has a collection of gadgets to “sort of poach” eggs.  My mom has a pan with a metal insert.  Sally has a microwave gadget. Kat has a cup you float in boiling water.  Steve and I have a blue screw-top egg that goes in the microwave.  A conversation with Sally inspired me to learn to actually poach an egg, the old-fashioned way.

It turns out that it is incredibly easy, following my 1970’s Betty Crocker Cookbook instructions: Boil then simmer one to two inches of water in a pan.  Crack an egg into a bowl or saucer and slip it into the simmering water.  If you have multiple eggs, give them room so that they are not touching.  Optionally, spoon some hot water over the top.  When it’s cooked enough, use a slotted spoon to lift the egg out of the water.

My First Poached Egg

Another day, I will learn to take really good food pictures: to set them up attractively, consider the background, add garnishes, all of it.  (I know a great teacher!)  But if there is one thing I’ve learned from my time posting lessons and the recent many months not posting lessons, it’s to not let the perfect drive out the good.  If I want to continue with sharing what I’ve learned, and I really do, then I have to be OK with imperfect and done.

So stay tuned!