More Thriftier

Here’s what I learned about renting a car from Thrifty: 1. Even after you book a car, sign up for discount emails 2.Circle back to your original reservation when you see a good deal.

I thought I had a pretty good rate for my car rental in Miami, but when I tried the same dates in the link in a promotion email, I saw a rate that was 25% lower.   When I went online to my reservation – lo and behold – it was now 25% lower!  I locked that one in (I feel confident that otherwise I’d have my original price) and now Kat and I have more money to spend* on fancy drinks when she is done with her conference!


* and yes, I do get that you don’t get more money by not spending money and yes, I can just hear my father saying “And how much did you save by not spitting on the subway?”  … a reference to a time (apparently) of high subway-spitting fines and his constant reply to our claims of “saving” money by getting a good deal.