Check In Already!

check inI learned yet another lesson the hard way, today. Although I’m finding that’s the way of lessons – most of them and all the valuable ones are learned the hard way.  Maybe I should just call it “the way.”

I learned that if I’m meeting someone somewhere in public, I need to make sure that we both know that we are going to check in when we get there, in some way or another, such as a quick text of “here!”

I was meeting Elaine for coffee at a large cafeteria.  We were aiming  9:15 and she emailed me that she would text me when she got in.  I didn’t have her phone number but I assumed she had mine.  She didn’t.  I got in early and looked all around for Elaine and sat down where I could see her arrive.  Here’s the sad part: she did the very same thing!  Somehow we missed each other and missed out of half an hour of our visit – wondering where the other one was.

It’s not like we missed each other at the top of the Empire State Building, but it was a needless mix-up and the least I can do is learn something from it!