This will raise an eyebrow…

or at least let you show off the ones you have…

Kris has been following this blog and she sent me a lesson to share:

“I learned that there is a product called Men Only hair color for Men’s mustache’s and beards. This works great to tint your eyebrows. You can mix just a little bit at a time and dab it on with a q-tip, wait 5 minutes and you’re done. This is a very inexpensive and easy alternative to spending money on beauty salon eyebrow tinting. The packaging for the mustache and beard and the overall hair color is almost identical so make sure you get the mustache one. Enjoy!”

Feel free to send me photos of your success with this and I’ll post them!

Excitement yields trouble (or karma)

I have learned that if my hairdresser gets carried away in a very emotional story, I may end up with bangs that are way too short.

Many years ago, I cut hair too.  The people whose hair I cut, and who will forever live with those school photos, may say that this is some kind of cosmic payback.  Watch the space below for that answer.

Walk a Mile in My (other) Shoes

I have learned, once again as I seem to learn each year, that the 2+ mile walk from Park St to my office deserves shoes made for distance.

Apparently, walking around all day is not the same as walking continuously.

So I need to work up to it and/or wear running shoes (look dorky) and carry my dressier shoes.

Anyway, it was worth it today for the view:

Who you callin’ “Missy”?

I learned something that really surprised me: Petite and Misses sizes are different shapes, not just different lengths, as I have always believed.   I found myself between two sizes in pants, let’s just call them x Petite and y Petite.  OK?  Thanks.   And the very-helpful salesperson at Coldwater Creek suggested that I get size x not-Petite, which she calls “Missy”.  How can that be, I wondered?  But she explained that the proportions are different all around.

So I bought them and had them hemmed (I have learned that we have a great tailor in Goffstown, at the organic cleaners!) and now I have some nice new pants that fit beautifully!  (in the smaller size, to boot, as x < y)


Bad Combo

OK this wasn’t hard to figure out but I still had to learn it anew:

Either just don’t get a pedicure in winter (or mud season or a day of mud season in the middle of the winter)… but that would be a sad lesson


Just wait inside until everything is dry!

Never wear those flimsy flip flops outside in these conditions, no matter how close the car is to the salon!

And if you do, make sure that no one sees you!

Tights Are Not Pants (.com)

OK this is not really a lesson learned for me.  I never thought tights were pants.  OK, maybe for a few days when I was 4 or something, but really not since then.

But Kat told me about this website a long time ago and then recently Sally proposed it as a lesson, and I have to say that there are many times on the Green Line when I really would like to point out to someone (older than 4) that tights are NOT pants!

Glamour “Don’t”

Wide-legged drapey pants and slushy city sidewalks are not a match.  This left me with a choice: arrive at work slushed out, or tuck my pants into my otherwise-somewhat-subtle LLBean Snow Sneakers, from which they blossom out like I should be drinking vodka and dancing with my arms crossed.  Lesson learned: These pants go back in the closet for dry sunny days.