My friend Donna, who should know after surviving four rounds, has learned this:

When kids get to be juniors or seniors in high school, sometimes it is better to just let them learn the hard way!

2 thoughts on “Teens”

  1. Yes, we all know this, but can we really do it? Can we sit back and watch our kids fail when we know it will hurt their chances of getting into the college of their choice?

    1. Safety Nets required…
      We can and continually do this because we are caring, compassionate parents. Our kids will never “fail” because we are there to help them chart their course. If their actions cost them to limit their college choices then we must listen more closely, watch more intensely, and remind them carefully that all actions have consequences. There is no time line for maturity. So many kids get lost in their first attempt at college. I am speaking from a place of hard knocks for myself. I have to constantly problem solve “outside of the box” with both of my kids, but they come by it honestly. I was hell on wheels. I have been reading your (Gale) blogs and you sound great! Janie only surrounds herself with the best, right Jane? Good Luck!

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