Back of the Bus

It’s not a political statement, but a practical consideration: I learned to AVOID the back of the bus on the Longwood Medical Area Shuttle.

We used to have cute little vans with cute little drivers, one of whom sold cute little jars of jam.

When we lost all cuteness, and a schedule that made sense, we got a variety of buses, including some huge honkin’ long ones.

I learned, the hard way, that sitting in the back can be downright painful.  As in actually hurting.

First the driver missed the Beth Israel speed bump, completely.  And by missed, I mean missed slowing down for it.  He hit it full on.  We went flying.  Really.  It hurt.

Then  he managed to find other obstacles to hit, on roads that looked generally flat to me.  It was a ride of rounds of “Ow!” and “Sorry!”

Go for the front.