Just get the travel insurance

I learned this one the hard way: just buy the stupid travel insurance, the kind that lets you cancel for any reason.

I think of myself as a person who does not cancel or change trips.  But the evidence, and my experience, is to the contrary.

From now on, I’m going with the flexibility.

I already fly Southwest whenever at all possible, because none of this matters for those flights – they are all completely transferable to other dates.

Shedding Some Light on Sales Taxes

For this Black Friday entry, I learned, from Dmitry, that NOT all online stores charge sales tax when shipping to a home in a state with a state sales tax!  I thought they did!

So if you ship from Best Buy to NYC, you have to pay NY tax (sorry Kat!) because Best Buy has a presence in NY state.  But possibly NOT for an Amazon purchase, as they are based elsewhere.

Who knew?

Really – did you know?  Comment here!

Preheat Peril

See this is how an electric oven works: Preheat means heat both the top and bottom elements.  Bake is just the bottom elements.

I have learned how darn important it is to switch from preheat to bake when you put the item in the oven.

Our carefully over-managed Thanksgiving morning project plan had every step in the world on it -when to mix, when to bake, when to carve.  But there was no task and no slack for dealing with broccoli casserole with actual raging flames coming from the potato chip topping too close to the still-on-preheat burner!

All’s well that ends well, but please heed the lessons from this!

More on “Write Stuff Down”

Michelle’s lesson prompted Carolyn to share this:

“The one about writing stuff down reminds me of a lesson I was taught MANY years ago but didn’t follow.

A neighbor ran a large international company.  He told us a resume policy we should all follow:

Revise your resume after are major accomplishment.
1)  You are really psyched and positive and that will show.
2)   You won’t be overwhelmed with a large task for you only need to add a few lines.
3)  You never have to think about writing your resume when looking for a new job.   Your resume is always ready
I wish I learned this when I was younger so I would have good habits now.”