Be Very Specific!

I am wrapping up a year of lessons with this gem from my cousin, Susan:

“Be careful what you wish for, because the wish genie is a literal bastard. For example, wishing for abundance in the new year did not mean I’d like to grow the biggest ass east of the Mississippi. Oops. Maybe if I write this here I’ll remember that being specific is so very important when setting goals…”

Again with Holiday Eve Squared

It seems fitting that, at the end of a year of learning and recording lessons, I would have to re-learn and re-post something learned only one week ago!

December 30 seems like a few-commuter day, right?  And 3:30 is a nice early time to leave the city, even a really big city like New York, right?


January 30 is New Year’s Eve Eve, so even if a smaller number of people are leaving the city for the holiday weekend, they ALL leave at the same time!  Which, apparently, is about 3:30!

I have learned, I really hope for the last time, to treat these days as high commute days and get out really really early, or very late!

FB Pix on BB

Kat and I learned that you can, indeed, find your Facebook Wall Photos on the Blackberry, if you look in the right place.

Of course, if you don’t figure that out, it’s also great to have friends who are willing to go online for you and look up pictures from a year and half ago and find the photo/name/phone number of that great diner.  Thanks, Dott!  And Gale, who was ready to do the same!

Holiday Eve Squared = Bad Traffic

I have learned that Christmas Eve Eve is NOT a good commute day.

OK, it seemed like low-commuter day, and it was on the way in – record time.

But although the city worker crowd may have been relatively small, apparently they ALL leave at the same time on a day before a holiday. resulting in really bad home-bound traffic.

Where are YOU?

From my friend Cindy via FB – Who loves this image – in Part 2?

Part 1: “Comic relief for my day: Left mall area & drove to local bookshop only to find it was no longer there. Drove BACK to the dreaded mall area & went into Border’s. Poked around & faced the serpentine-of-ungodly-length check-out line. Meandered to end of line, took a deep breath & prepared to settle in for the long wait. Looked to my right, only to see a book there entitled, “You are HERE”. It was my OM moment.”

Part 2: “…a very grounding and comical moment. I pointed it out to the person ahead of me and the one who came behind me in line. Wish I had taken it off the shelf and had people pass it down to the person who came behind them.”

Part 3: “..And throw the part about me purchasing a pair of OM symbol earrings as a gift a bit earlier in the day. SOMEONE was sending a message.”