OMG (FB button)

I learned how to add a button to share a post, from here, on Facebook!

When you see a post you want to share, click on Leave a Comment and you will see a new button to Share on Facebook.

You also see the button if you come into the blog and click on a calendar date.

This will put a link to the blog entry on your wall.   Try it and tell me how it works and what you think.  I suggest you find a favorite entry for that.

Thanks for playing along!

One-Stop Magazine Shopping

Tired of never knowing which renewal notices were real and which were duplicates or fake-outs (the ones that try to get you to re-up half a year in advance), I started looking for a consolidated magazine account site.

I found it on Amazon, which is where I pretty much ending up finding everything worth buying, and end up buying everything worth finding.

One by one, I will renew my magazines there, and always know the real status.

The Pro-Whining Coalition

I have always been a fan of complaining, when it’s part of a move to action.  I whined so much about my cold house, which was taking five hours to go up four degrees, that I heard my voice in complaint and said “Wait, that’s really not right!”

I called Putnam Fuel and they had someone over to FIX the problem, within the hour!

Clerk of the Works

Today I learned what a Clerk of the Works is.

While manning the I.T. phones in the Command Center for Dana-Farber’s move-in to the new Yawkey building, I met a man, sitting next to me and manning the Facility phones.  His job is Clerk of the Works for the construction project.  I had never heard of this.  Have you?

From Wikipedia:

The clerk of the works or clerk of works (often abbreviated CoW) is a person employed by the architect or client on a construction site. The role is primarily to represent the interests of the client in regard to ensuring the quality of both materials and workmanship are in accordance with the design information such as specification and engineering drawings, in addition to recognized quality standard