OMG (FB button)

I learned how to add a button to share a post, from here, on Facebook!

When you see a post you want to share, click on Leave a Comment and you will see a new button to Share on Facebook.

You also see the button if you come into the blog and click on a calendar date.

This will put a link to the blog entry on your wall.   Try it and tell me how it works and what you think.  I suggest you find a favorite entry for that.

Thanks for playing along!

One-Stop Magazine Shopping

Tired of never knowing which renewal notices were real and which were duplicates or fake-outs (the ones that try to get you to re-up half a year in advance), I started looking for a consolidated magazine account site.

I found it on Amazon, which is where I pretty much ending up finding everything worth buying, and end up buying everything worth finding.

One by one, I will renew my magazines there, and always know the real status.

The Pro-Whining Coalition

I have always been a fan of complaining, when it’s part of a move to action.  I whined so much about my cold house, which was taking five hours to go up four degrees, that I heard my voice in complaint and said “Wait, that’s really not right!”

I called Putnam Fuel and they had someone over to FIX the problem, within the hour!