Managing Gadget Coexistence

I have learned that my iPod and my heart rate monitor do not play well together.

It’s just a little Nano, and it doesn’t look like it would cause much interference, but sure enough, if I wear it at my waist, the receivers show all kinds of whacky numbers.

If I move the Nano to the treadmill (where Planet Fitness is cool enough to have an iPod-specific connector!), then the watch-receiver gives good numbers but the treadmill display gets confused.  If I turn the iPod off, the watch and the treadmill both show the right numbers.

I have also learned that I really don’t need a heart rate monitor, because I can look at a number and say “that’s not right!”.  I basically know my heart rate as I exercise, from all these years of learning how each rate feels.

But I love gadgets, so it’s nice to know how to make them work.