Taxi Lesson 2: No Faster

I should know this by now.  I’ve learned it before.  More than once.   In the last year, alone.

This lesson: To get across the middle of Boston is not necessarily faster by taxi than by walking and the T.

It takes me 45 minutes to get from Fenway to South Station, including walking through Chinatown.  If I need to do it without the walk, then it’s two trains and I need to allow a little longer.  It takes me at least that long from Longwood, as well.

So, one might think that a taxi for this distance, would be shorter, right?  I mean, it is about 3 miles, after all.

Nope.  In rush hour, you can fly through some parts, or not, but the area around South Station is bound to be gridlock.   And it’s the kind of gridlock that leaves you watching the traffic lights and your watch and your odds of making the bus all change before your eyes, without moving at all.

Which brings me to TWO extra bonus lessons for the day:

1. When you are sitting in a taxi within site of your destination and you are not moving, GET OUT and start walking already!

2. Never make plans that matter what time you arrive, for after a Boston commute day.  This was one of the first lessons in this blog, but I guess I forgot it and need to learn it yet again.  And maybe again.