Trust Not the Outlook Update

I have learned, for so many times that I can’t say I’ve learned it at all, that Outlook cannot be trusted to send “updates” to meeting attendees even when it says it has done just that.

Sometimes it prompts f0r sending updates, when you change a meeting detail, such as the time (that’s a big detail). Sometimes it does not.  Then, when you say Yes Please Update The Attendees Won’t You Please, sometimes it just does not, even if it looks like it did.

I am not one to stand up my colleagues, but the technology has led me to do just that, way too many times.

Lesson learned: When sending an update (or thinking you are), specifically look for the reply and/or check your colleagues’ calendars to make sure that the change “took”.  We should not have to do this, but the alternative is risking wasting the time and productivity of others.