Where are YOU?

From my friend Cindy via FB – Who loves this image – in Part 2?

Part 1: “Comic relief for my day: Left mall area & drove to local bookshop only to find it was no longer there. Drove BACK to the dreaded mall area & went into Border’s. Poked around & faced the serpentine-of-ungodly-length check-out line. Meandered to end of line, took a deep breath & prepared to settle in for the long wait. Looked to my right, only to see a book there entitled, “You are HERE”. It was my OM moment.”

Part 2: “…a very grounding and comical moment. I pointed it out to the person ahead of me and the one who came behind me in line. Wish I had taken it off the shelf and had people pass it down to the person who came behind them.”

Part 3: “..And throw the part about me purchasing a pair of OM symbol earrings as a gift a bit earlier in the day. SOMEONE was sending a message.”