Mystery Meal

This lesson brought to you by Sally:

Matt and I went out for a fancy French dinner last night. Since it was already a treat, we decided to spring for an appetizer, and ordered something that neither of us knew what it was, but it had something about plantain chips and an avocado mousse, so we thought it was worth a try.

BAD IDEA.  What we got was a chilled bowl of seafood!  It was clams, trout, calamari, and shrimp – none of which I eat and only half of which he likes.  We ate almost nothing and were kicking ourselves for not asking before ordering, until our waitress told us that she was comping our dessert to make up for our dissatisfaction.

Here, it all evened out, but the overall lesson is that being adventurous is fun, but unless you’re really up for whatever you’re served, google or ask before ordering. Those foreign words on menus can be tricky!

And btw, the French version of gnocchi is AMAZING.