Seasoned Travelers or What?

I have no idea how many times I am going to have to learn to prepare and pack for a trip earlier than I’ve been doing.

We travel enough to know what we need (yes we have printed checklists and yes they work really well so never mind making fun of that) for a trip.  It’s the little stuff that does not have to wait for the day of or the day before the trip.  For me it was finding a quart-size ziplock bag, or transferring something out of one in use elsewhere so I could use it for the carryon liquids.  And restocking business cards.  And printing stuff to bring.  And recording a colleague’s cell phone number. And a whole bunch of other stupid stuff.  For Steve it was replacing his shoelaces.  Really?  We can’t think of this and do it ahead of time?

It’s important that we leave on time, so that we have time to go back to check to see if we actually locked the door. (Answer is yes.  Every time.)  I am not even trying to learn to change that!


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