Compulsion + Procrastination = Stress

In the past 17 months, I have many things about lessons learned.   One big thing is that there are lessons everywhere, particularly now that I am tuned in to noticing them.  That was one surprise.

Another wonderful surprise is how many people are following and enjoying these lessons.  That is what has kept me going beyond the original year.

Not surprising are two things I already knew about myself.  The first is that I procrastinate.  In 1980 I sent away to join an active group in Philadelphia called Procrastinators of America.  I knew better than to send the application back right away.  I still have it (I really do!), but that’s OK because they always counted people like me in their membership counts.  The second is that I am somewhat compulsive.  Steve says “Ya think?” so maybe more than somewhat.

So I notice lessons all day long, and I am compelled to record them and keep up or catch up with one lesson a day, but I put off typing them up until I “have time” and this has me way way behind and it bothers me.

I will now attempt to catch up before mid-year, on July 1.  Wish me luck!