Okey Dokey Karaoke

My sisters-in-law and I learned that you have to be quite picky when choosing Karaoke CDs.

1. Tempo is very important!

2. Go for CDs with underlying lyrics provided, even if you think you know “Last Train to Clarksville” inside and out.

It’s possible that this all becomes less important the more you drink, but this is a good starting point.

It’s all in the genes…

From this great podcast from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which I watched live, I learned more about OncoMap,  a test that generates a detailed profile of tumor mutations that can be used to better diagnose disease and determine treatment options.

Dr. Garraway describes it all in very accessible terms, here!

Rock My World

Today I learned about this cool USGS website that lets you see all reported earthquake activity in real time AND lets you report what you feel – no not emotionally, just earthquake-wise – via a page called “Did You Feel It?”


As a bonus, I learned the word “conterminous” for what you usually hear as “contiguous”. ¬†Extra JanesLessonsLearned bonus points (redeemable soon for JanesLessonsLearned merchandise) if you post here that you used this new word in a sentence and referenced where you learned it!


Fail Early

I once had a CIO who had a five core¬†principles of business and one of them¬†¬†was “Fail Early”. ¬†I learn this lesson over and over.

The entire Agile software development process is based on this. ¬†I’ve often seen the success of showing early results “Is this what you meant?” to get a Yes, or way more importantly, a No. ¬†So easy to change course early, if you just get that feedback! ¬†So much harder if not.

Nowhere, perhaps, is this more applicable than to driving when  lost!  Why not find out if I am or I am not where I think I am, way before I go even farther in the wrong direction?

In my car, I have two separate devices to tell me how lost I am, and to get me found. ¬†Sure, they don’t always work in the wilds of the places I drive, but they definitely don’t work when I don’t ask them!

It’s nice to putter around back roads when that’s the intention. ¬†But I’ve learned (or I’m fixin’ to learn) that when I am really trying to get somewhere, it’s important to know if I’m driving in the right direction. ¬†Or not.

Unintended Consequences: Free Movies

I learned about free movie streaming from Amazon and I learned it from Netflix!

Netflix started this all, when it raised its prices dramatically, splitting streaming from DVD. ¬†That did it for me, as we weren’t using it enough to justify the new price and I cancelled Netflix.

I was happy to complete the “exit interview” the why-are-you-leaving survey, because I wanted Netflix to know that the price increase drove me away. ¬†There were questions about how I will watch movies now, and “free movies from Amazon Prime” was one of the options. ¬†What? ¬†I’ve subscribed to Amazon Prime for years – the free shipping pays for the membership many times over at my house.

It turns out that Amazon Prime offers 5000 movies and TV shows, as part of something I already pay for.  Score!

Thanks, Netflix!