Who’s Calling?

I was surprised to learn that I have an incoming call on my Comcast phone line, the phone number and a name are displayed on my TV!

I have had said phone line for 2.5 years, but I use it in the day, for work, so I never had a chance to see this happen, until Vicki called me after hours.

Who knew?  Did you?

One thought on “Who’s Calling?”

  1. I have a cute story about this. When I visit my parents, whose phone is with their cable company, I would notice that my Dad had this uncanny ability to “guess” who was calling. We would be busy in the kitchen and he would be watching TV. He’d call out with “It’s Jean.” or “It’s John.” And he was always right! It was only after we got our phone changed to Comcast that I figured it out. hee hee.

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