Wait a Second!

Every cell phone has it, and now I’ve found it on the iPhone: how to inject a “pause” into a dialing sequence to that you can dial a conference code AND the access code all at once.

On the iPhone, it’s the comma!  I read that each comma was 2 seconds, but I found that it’s much shorter and that I needed three of ’em to make it work.

I added entries for each frequently-used dialin, in my address book.  So I have an entry with a last name of  Dialin Jane and one that says Dialin Mary, etc.  The quick lookup works for any of those words.

The phone number entry looks like this:


In this example, 4444 is the access code.

This will let me dial in quickly from my iPhone.

Don’t dial and drive!  Don’t text and drive!

3 thoughts on “Wait a Second!”

  1. I need this function for the blackberry!!! Please post if you have the instructions. Thanks jane!

  2. From the Blackberry itself:
    Add a pause or a wait to a phone number:
    After typing the main part of a phone number in a phone number field, press the Menu key.
    Click Add Pause or Add Wait.
    Type the additional numbers.
    Press the Menu key.
    Click Save.

    But I wanted to do it from Outlook Contacts (that would be Lotus Notes for you, poor thing) and looks like comma works for some Blackberries as well. Try it and let us know!

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