Blurry Around the Edges

We all worked so hard on the design of the new website, the user interface for a survey program for pediatric patients and their families.  We worked with the media group to come up with a color palette that would be comfortable for the little kids yet cool enough for the teenagers.  All this, only to have the project logo go all blurry around the edges, as though parts of it were flaking off.

Was it the monitor resolution?  Nope.  Was is the browser?  No again.

Eventually the lead developer figured this out: There was NOTHING wrong with the application nor the logo and it would look just fine in production for our end users.   The problem was that we kept sharing it with and looking at it through WebEx, which works great but does not provide a crisp image.  When we tried it directly it was fine.

Lesson learned: What you see, via WebEX, is not necessarily what you get!

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