Blurry and Ill-Defined

Every (and I mean every) time I hear the word “blurry” I think of a Saturday Night Live skit with in which everything John Belushi  talks/complains about is “blurry and ill-defined.”  I’d like to find the clip for you.  Maybe that’s not even the line.  It was, after all, 25 years (!) ago.  But all I can find you is this image:

which almost implies the entire silly script.  And yes, I’m sure that it is no-longer politically correct to make fun of the vision-impaired, like say for example, this dude:

But anyway… I learned today, from Susan, that you should not print address labels for important packages with an ink-jet printer, without other precautions such as sealing the address with clear tape.  Susan says go for the Sharpie or the Bic!

With ink-jet only, the address got wet, then became blurry and ill-defined (see how it works?) and I never got Susan’s home-made Christmas cookies!

But we got a lesson out it, at least that’s clear to see!