Recipe for Disaster: Automobile Edition

This is what Kathy learned and sent to me to share with you:

 I am sending you this “Lesson Learned” today because it is very cold out, but just 6 months ago during a heatwave I learned this lesson!
I would like to title this lesson ” The Stinky Cheese ” car, or Why you should always option for a second set of car Keys!
When I happily negotiated to buy my current car from the local dealership three years ago, it only came with one key. To add a second key would have set me back a few hundred bucks so I bravely said I would do this at a later date and then I forgot. (Later in my world usually means never.)
Big Mistake!
My 2004 model sedan came with a built in anti-theft feature. If the car detected a break-in,( such as the one a triple A employee was instructed by me to do,) then the entire system goes on lock down and only a key specifically made for my car would open it!
Here is my recipe to create your very own ” Stinky Cheese ” car. Remember this does not happen over night. It also requires a good summer heat wave with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for three days.
Roma tomatoes
fresh oregano, Basil and thyme
1 wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano
Asiago cheese
1 1/2 cup of Gorzonzola (blue cheese)
1 pnd of fresh ground pork
1 pnd of fresh ground beef
1 loaf of crusty french bread
1 set of car keys
Place the above items into the trunk of your car while it sits at the local market on black top and in direct sun. Make sure the heat index is 104 degrees!  Close the trunk lid securely while you do other things.  I chose to run after a runaway cart in the parking lot.
Now you have created a wonderful oven to cook your meal in. Have the oven on wheels towed to your local dealership and make sure the car is placed on the sales lot for the duration of the weekend so that sales people and customers can enjoy the smell of a slow cooked Italian meal.
Once the new key is made and shipped from a state far, far away, make sure you are very nice to the Service manager because…. He opened my trunk, threw out the festering feast and detailed my car all for free!
My lesson Learned was to never put off today what you will need tomorrow. I also found that being kind to the right people and patient goes a long way because my car was not under Warranty!