I have learned that it is really important to recognize Red Flags AND to differentiate between them and Banana Peels.

This is a Red Flag:

And here is another one. something that happened to me a few years ago.  I was interviewing for a job and I asked if they had any people on their professional staff working remotely.  The CIO said “God no!  We have enough problems without that!”

This gift, of multiple Red Flags in one sentence, let me know that there were clear indications of danger – at least a major mismatch for me.



This is a Banana Peel:

I had one day to choose whether to transfer to UNH or Boston University – some nonsense about one accepting me on the day before the deadline of the other.  I piled my sorority sisters in my baby blue Mustang (Hey, were you one of them?  Post a comment!!) and we headed on a three-state road trip to check out both schools  in the same day.  UNH looked great and there was a  story about taking a toboggan for the keg in the last blizzard.  Then we got to B.U.  Knowing nothing about nothing when it came to choosing colleges, we had some kind of minor tour with no academic input at all.  Then we checked out the freshman dorm, which had a big escalator in the open lobby.  On the escalator steps was was a pile of banana and orange peels.  I was appalled.  To me, this all looked and felt like a School of Garbage.  That did it. Back in the car, back to Maine, and I picked UNH for transfer.

Now UNH turned out to be a great choice and I had a great time there. (Hey, were you there with me?  Is that why it was so fun? Post a comment!)  But to this day I wonder about this Life Decision that was so heavily influenced by what may have been the result of one student’s sub-standard lunch bag.

I have learned, and I’m still learning, to know the difference.  Is this thing influencing my choice a real Red Flag?  Like the person who interviewed me once and said “When you work here you sell your soul.  But you get a great price for it!”?  Or is it  just a Banana Peel?

What Red Flags have you heeded or not?

What Banana Peels sent you running away needlessly?

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  1. I try not to dwell on my decisions but usually do find ways to justify all of them – always looking for the silver lining! Like – yes, I learned so much about myself during that bad spell. I have no doubts in my mind that UNH was the right choice for me, and although I can’t say it boiled down to a banana peel, there really wasn’t much more than that involved in my decision.

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