No Racoon at All

A Lesson Learned by Katherine Mollman Waters: Trading in your Clunker for a new car. 1.) Do not disclose the following…Your son hit a raccoon driving 70 miles an hour taking out a part of the bumper, but leaving part of the raccoon when he was 16. 2.) Do not mention the slipping transmission. The reason you are not driving the said car today is because you live on a very, very steep hill and the snow and ice has not been cleared yet. 3.) Do not mention the years it was used as a traveling junk food, i.e, dead fry dispenser.4.) Wave your latest insurance card at them so they know someone thinks it is still drive worthy.5.) Do your research on line so you have the exact car and dealership already in your sights. Offer cash, and make sure it is a one owner car, low mileage and bring someone with you that knows the new car inside the engine and out! I just traded my 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt for a 2004 325I BMW in great condition, with low mileage! Yeah! Oh, and I am parking at the top of the hill till my driveway defrosts.

Gating Factor

Check the departure gate, and then GO there and confirm it, and leave plenty of time to do it. 

I had one gate listed on my boarding pass (no one should believe that one), then another on the screen – different concourse – and then a third that was the Truth.  So this all takes time.  Find it first, then hang out.

Years ago I also learned  (OK, twice) that you have to be at the actual gate, not the next number.  Because the distance between Gate 25 and Gate 26 can be a tram.

What travel lessons have you learned, by doing it right or the hard way?  Post a comment here.

Power Trip

Today I remembered, for about the millionth time, that if you have a device that needs a power cord, then the device and the cord should go through life, and through the day, hour by hour, together.  So if you are on some lonesome (or busy) highway with your 80-year-old eccentric mother, and she has the directions to some important place just enough wrong that you can’t find it, and you have a GPS for just that very purpose, then IF you had the power cord, then the GPS would actually be helpful.

Chocolate Cake and the Too-Busy Brain

Today I learned, from RadioLab via Andy, that it you are busy thinking too hard (like remembering 7 items instead of 2), it’s hard to choose fruit salad over chocolate cake.  Well that explains so much!  It’s about the same part of the brain trying to keep things straight.

Here, listen for yourself.  It may just make more sense if you hear the whole story.

What’s your excuse?  What’s filling your brain?  Leave a comment!

How to Tie a Shoe

OK, stop acting shocked.   You KNEW I was this big a nerd – look where you are!

For years, I’ve been meaning to read the Runner’s World article on how to tie a shoe “right”, so that you don’t need a double and knot and yet it doesn’t come undone.

Well, Lava and I just invested a very long time sitting in front of the computer with our sneakers, and we nailed it!

I thought I’d post the instructions here but they’re long!  So read the article and tie your shoe and let me know what you think!

What did YOU learn today?

Find the Key

OK, I did get this from a network TV show, but after 24 hours for it to sink in, I think it’s pretty profound.

And OK, it was in the context of manipulation (get someone to buy a car or give you the sketchy building permit), but it’s still a valid concept, which is: find the key.  Find out where the other person is coming from, what’s going on in their life, what matters to them, and go from there.  “Get it” first.  Get them.  Then ask.  Maybe the lesson is just get them, never mind asking.   What do you think?