How to Tie a Shoe

OK, stop acting shocked.   You KNEW I was this big a nerd – look where you are!

For years, I’ve been meaning to read the Runner’s World article on how to tie a shoe “right”, so that you don’t need a double and knot and yet it doesn’t come undone.

Well, Lava and I just invested a very long time sitting in front of the computer with our sneakers, and we nailed it!

I thought I’d post the instructions here but they’re long!  So read the article and tie your shoe and let me know what you think!

What did YOU learn today?

One thought on “How to Tie a Shoe”

  1. I’ve always double knotted my shoes – I have to or they come untied. How embarrassing to now realize why … because I’ve been doing this wrong for the past 45 years!! Not only that, but I’ve taught my children the wrong way too!! Thanks, Jane!!

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