Eat now, repent later

Today I learned* that I can go ahead and eat the yummy sugary fatty treat, and it will taste just great, but that a few minutes later it will just feel bad.  Not regret-bad, but that-was-the-wrong-thing-for-me-bad. 

* I have “learned” this so many times that this just may not be the last time I’ll learn it before I … learn it.  So I’ll bookmark this entry and just point back to it, if needed.  Sheesh.

Turns out you can follow a blog via email

Today, I learned, from Gale who did it, that you can subscribe to this blog and get email updates when someone posts or comments.  I would like to tell you HOW she did that, but that will have to be an entry for another day, after I figure it out.  Or someone can comment here and tell us all.

(I am automatically subscribed already, so I think I’m not seeing the same option for subscribing)

ETA: Use the link “Manage your subscriptions” link