Power Trip

Today I remembered, for about the millionth time, that if you have a device that needs a power cord, then the device and the cord should go through life, and through the day, hour by hour, together.  So if you are on some lonesome (or busy) highway with your 80-year-old eccentric mother, and she has the directions to some important place just enough wrong that you can’t find it, and you have a GPS for just that very purpose, then IF you had the power cord, then the GPS would actually be helpful.

2 thoughts on “Power Trip”

  1. And always, ALWAYS buy the car charger for a cell phone, even if that cell phone is for your 10 year old who doesn’t drive, because when it comes time for an upgrade, your 16 year old will want the latest and greatest phone that’s on the market, the 10 year old (who is now 11) will get the still very cool texting phone that said 16 year old used to have, and mom will get the now obsolete phone that used to belong to her 10 year old and that Verizon no longer makes car chargers for.

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