Invest In Research (x2)

Jill and I had a great day of craft fairs, and two lessons in doing backround checks came up:

We went to 5 craft fairs (or fair-like things), but of those, one was good and one was great, the others completely missable.   More research needed.

My new GPS is terrible!  I assumed it had basic features (it is 2010, after all), but it does not even have “spoken street name”.  Back to Amazon for that thing!  More research was needed.

One thought on “Invest In Research (x2)”

  1. GPS woes…. I live in a cute little place that is in two counties, 1/2 in Jefferson, 1/2 in Oldham. If the contractor I am waiting for does not punch in my zip with the address, then they end up at the doorstep of a very nice condo in a congested part of town that is 25 mins from my home in Oldham. This makes contractors cranky and they sometimes rush the job!

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