“Meta” A Post about Posting

It was a few years ago that I learned the term “meta.”  It was Anna’s wedding.  Kat (or was it Sally?) said that she just saw someone take a picture of the photographer and the other one replied “How meta!”

Meta is just about the about.  I know metadata, the data about the data, and meta-analysis, the analysis of a whole bunch of other analysis.  I think the everyday use of the term has sort of passed now, but I still really like it.

This a blog post about posting blog posts.  In an effort to bring more Lessons to your eyes, I have looked at the obstacles in my way and what I have learned to get around each one of them.  You’ll know this is working if you keep getting Lessons, much more frequently than in the recent past.

Obstacle 1: I want to get it “just right”

Solution: See yesterday’s post.  The lesson is to just write it up, get it out, and stop fussing so!

Obstacle 2 (a variation on Obstacle 1): I want to get all the “metadata” right.  In this case, it’s the Categories.  See the bottom of posts before 1/1/13 for examples of Categories.  I have carefully marked each of the 500+ posts with multiple categories that I created.  (What did I think I would do with that?  I don’t know!)  Some of my quick data entry options don’t have a way to mark Categories

Solution: Goodbye Categories!  Hello quicker Lessons!

Obstacle 3: Timing.  I don’t remember when I learned it. Or I learned 3 things in one day and I want to spread them out because I really like the idea of a Lesson per day, so I don’t enter any of them.

Solution Part 1: Who cares when I learned them?  Post it anyway

Solution Part 2: PRE-post the lessons – put them out there and pick a date in the future and “schedule” the post.   How many times have I been in some remote location, having an adventure with Sally, and have a Sally and the City update magically appear on my phone, while she’s busy doing something else? “How did you do that?” I ask.  “I scheduled it in advance, remember?” she asks.  Well now I do.  I even wrote this post yesterday, and scheduled it for today!

OK, will this work?  You’ll find out along with me, in the days ahead!

If you have learned other lessons about posting to your blog, please send them along!

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