Snow + Car Roof = Big Fine!

I learned, from Rosemarie, that it is illegal in New Hampshire to drive with snow on the roof of your car!

Who knew?  Did you know?

The day after she posted this, I saw a car pulled over and the driver working hard to clear the snow, under the supervision of the officer with the blue lights.   I’ve just never noticed this before, but it does make sense.

According to CBS Boston, “A first offense will cost you between $250 and $500. A second offense could cost you up to $1,000.”

Never mind that little window scraper you’ve been driving around!  Invest in a big snow brush!

One thought on “Snow + Car Roof = Big Fine!”

  1. So funny that I join your blog and read this today. Another reason to clear the snow off your roof: if you make a sudden stop, all that snow might slide forward and block your windshield. As happened to me *yesterday*. While taking a corner at an intersection. With, of course, traffic coming the other way. (I’m fine, the car’s fine, and the dog in the back was only temporarily startled.)

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