Mail Early

I (hope I) have learned to mail earlier rather than later.

I love sending packages to Loved Ones, and I always think they will take less time than they actually will.  Because of this, I end up paying more than I would if I had just packed it up and hauled it down to my cute little small-town post office, where they address you by name, a few days earlier!

I have, for sure, learned to never use those pre-paid return stickers for returning mail-order stuff.  They charge $6-7, or more, for something I can often mail myself for under $3.  I need the difference, you see, to pay for my procrastination, above.

Ask / Unscented Edition

If there is one theme to the lessons of the year-plus of this blog, it is “Ask!”

Steve got tired of those heavily scented inserts that come in magazines as ads.  He figured that, in this day and age, there must be a way to avoid them.

He went to the magazine’s website, clicked on some options, and lo and behold, no more perfume cards!

All he had to do was ask.

Notes Are Our Friends

Dmitry has taught me the value of good design meeting documentation and how to really use it to move forward.

We are working with some fast-thinking researchers, who are great at talking through their design decisions.  When they re-visit the decisions, they keep making use of the good notes from the previous meeting, in order to remember and pick up the thread of thinking and move forward.

I have never seen notes put to such positive use before.  This is a Big Lesson for me.

Tights Are Not Pants (.com)

OK this is not really a lesson learned for me.  I never thought tights were pants.  OK, maybe for a few days when I was 4 or something, but really not since then.

But Kat told me about this website a long time ago and then recently Sally proposed it as a lesson, and I have to say that there are many times on the Green Line when I really would like to point out to someone (older than 4) that tights are NOT pants!