End of the Big Gulp

Learned by Gale:

Today I learned that I should not be gulping down huge glasses of water just to get my daily water intake because the bloodstream can only handle being diluted by about 4 ounces at any one time. Any additional goes to the kidneys to be filter out out to maintain the osmotic balance of the blood. This means more work for the kidneys to filter water that hasn’t even had the chance to filter through the lymph system and clean the body’s tissues.

This process takes about a 1/2 hour so actually we should drink 16 4-ounce glasses of water per day. That sounds so much nicer to just keep a glass of water nearby and sip and enjoy. Ok, I can do that.

source – “Natural Eye Care, an encyclopedia by Marc Grossman



Delete, I say!

I may be the last person on earth to learn this, but hey, these are my lessons and I learned it… from Kat.

If you want to delete something in the search or web (or any) field on the iPhone, just hold the delete button down.  You do not, after all, have to hit delete-delete-delete until you drive the person sitting next to you crazy.

When you do this, it deletes slowly and then very quickly, deleting entire phrases at a time.

Who knew?  Did you?

Way Too Private

I learned that if you send an Outlook invitation and mark it “Private”, then the people they have delegated calendar functions to will not see it.

So if someone has an assistant who accepts all their meetings, this one will not make it to that person.

This could be a feature, but not if your recipient ignores calendar invites, thinking someone else has that covered.

Bad Combo

OK this wasn’t hard to figure out but I still had to learn it anew:

Either just don’t get a pedicure in winter (or mud season or a day of mud season in the middle of the winter)… but that would be a sad lesson


Just wait inside until everything is dry!

Never wear those flimsy flip flops outside in these conditions, no matter how close the car is to the salon!

And if you do, make sure that no one sees you!


Today I learned, from Kat, that the Digital Credit Union has an iPhone/iPod app!  The DCU website needs to learn this from Kat, too, since they still claim to be working on it.  Whoops.

This app has a check deposit function!  Which is great, because even with the hints I have learned and posted here, scanning checks with the DCU desktop thing is just way too obnoxious and time-consuming and plain old broken.  I’ll let you know how it works from the iPhone when I next have a check to deposit.