Compulsion + Procrastination = Stress

In the past 17 months, I have many things about lessons learned.   One big thing is that there are lessons everywhere, particularly now that I am tuned in to noticing them.  That was one surprise.

Another wonderful surprise is how many people are following and enjoying these lessons.  That is what has kept me going beyond the original year.

Not surprising are two things I already knew about myself.  The first is that I procrastinate.  In 1980 I sent away to join an active group in Philadelphia called Procrastinators of America.  I knew better than to send the application back right away.  I still have it (I really do!), but that’s OK because they always counted people like me in their membership counts.  The second is that I am somewhat compulsive.  Steve says “Ya think?” so maybe more than somewhat.

So I notice lessons all day long, and I am compelled to record them and keep up or catch up with one lesson a day, but I put off typing them up until I “have time” and this has me way way behind and it bothers me.

I will now attempt to catch up before mid-year, on July 1.  Wish me luck!


Walk a Mile in My (other) Shoes

I have learned, once again as I seem to learn each year, that the 2+ mile walk from Park St to my office deserves shoes made for distance.

Apparently, walking around all day is not the same as walking continuously.

So I need to work up to it and/or wear running shoes (look dorky) and carry my dressier shoes.

Anyway, it was worth it today for the view:

Avoiding Meeting Madness

So many lessons from one event, and the first one learned by me about a thousand times so far,, and counting.

1. VERIFY the meeting time!  Otherwise, a leisurely trip may turn into a big crisis, needlessly!  It’s as easy as counting on the calendar, rather than my memory.  Just do it!

2. Comm Ave at Kenmore Square is a great place to catch a cab

3. A cab ride is that saves the day is worth its weight in gold.  Well…maybe not quite that much. But possibly the more than the number on the meter, and I can split the difference.  Well… maybe not split it in half, but I can certainly afford to show my appreciation for having my day saved.

4. It feels really good, when going to a new place to meet with new people, to arrive early.

Seasoned Travelers or What?

I have no idea how many times I am going to have to learn to prepare and pack for a trip earlier than I’ve been doing.

We travel enough to know what we need (yes we have printed checklists and yes they work really well so never mind making fun of that) for a trip.  It’s the little stuff that does not have to wait for the day of or the day before the trip.  For me it was finding a quart-size ziplock bag, or transferring something out of one in use elsewhere so I could use it for the carryon liquids.  And restocking business cards.  And printing stuff to bring.  And recording a colleague’s cell phone number. And a whole bunch of other stupid stuff.  For Steve it was replacing his shoelaces.  Really?  We can’t think of this and do it ahead of time?

It’s important that we leave on time, so that we have time to go back to check to see if we actually locked the door. (Answer is yes.  Every time.)  I am not even trying to learn to change that!


BOOK EARLY already!

WHAT is so hard to learn about this lesson?  Why am I still learning it?  Or not learning it??  Book flights early!  As soon as you know your dates.   Just do it!

I lost out on using a free flight just by snoozing and waiting.  I ended up paying for it, and paying twice what it would have cost a week ago, at that!

Book early!!!!!

Bad Combo

OK this wasn’t hard to figure out but I still had to learn it anew:

Either just don’t get a pedicure in winter (or mud season or a day of mud season in the middle of the winter)… but that would be a sad lesson


Just wait inside until everything is dry!

Never wear those flimsy flip flops outside in these conditions, no matter how close the car is to the salon!

And if you do, make sure that no one sees you!