Setting Up a Blog

With Sally’s generous help, I learned how to set up this blog!  

Use the Comment to share something you learned today, or recently, or ever!


6 thoughts on “Setting Up a Blog”

  1. I learned that before you make peanut butter pudding pie for a guest, you should first ask if her boyfriend is allergic to peanut butter.

    Also, your other friend may make you wait ten hours for the cool whip to thaw before you are allowed to spread it on said pie.

  2. I learned how to teach blogging over the phone, and also that you should unpack completely before starting laundry, because now that lonely sock is going to have to wait another week to get into the washer.

  3. I learned that service contracts on( even new) furnaces are a wonderful thing, and that I never , not ever want to be without one while living in New England…. Murphy’s law will always strike when the weather is at it’s worse.

  4. I’m learning how to leave a comment on a glog – I hope! I also learned today that one should not touch up a half-dry coat of pain on a metal door because the previous coat clots up into little bumps and ridges…!

  5. I love this idea! this is so cute! The problem for me is that this will be yet one more reason for me to be at my computer. I sit here way too much as it is, but there is so much good stuff.

    I have learned that even though no one would choose living in a nursing home to live out your final days, that the LNAs and RNs at Fairview in Hudson are so loving and giving to their residents that it isn’t all bad. At first I was depressed working there, but now I see all the caring, happiness and love.

  6. I’ve learned that putting wallpaper up anywhere in your house is a bad, bad, BAD idea, because 15 years later (or sooner if you are not a major slacker) you will want to remove it to paint and your 1 day project will turn into a week. And old wet stripped wallpaper sticks to a bathroom floor much better than it ever stuck to the wall….

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