Marry Well!

This is surely the most important Lesson that I have ever learned: Marry Well!  Know what you want and what you need.  No other choice could have a bigger impact on your life.

Me?  I wanted and needed (according to my Grandma Sara, who remembered such things) “Smart, funny and kind”  in, as I remember it, no particular order – all being equally important.  And look!  I got it all!


2 thoughts on “Marry Well!”

  1. So very, very true!! My husband is smart, funny and kind, as well, and we will celebrate our 27th anniversary this year! I volunteer at the high school selling ice cream for the Robotics team – one girl came up with her boyfriend and she was obviously paying for an ice cream for them share. She wanted one flavor, he wanted another. I offered to mix the flavors, but he didn’t want that, he wanted HIS flavor. I got sick of listening to his cajoling, and I finally pulled $2 from my pocket and told her “I’m buying you the flavor you want, but I’m giving you some free advice … never let a man tell you what to do.” Everyone in line got a laugh out of this, but I hope she gets the message – the smart, funny, kind ones will ASK you (and accept a no as a no) but they will never make demands and manipulate you.

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