Welcome to Jane’s Lessons Learned

I plan to post the lessons that I learn in 2010, and I’d love to learn yours, as well!  Post them here!

I may not get here every day, but I’l try to keep track of what I learn, and catch up when I can.

I look forward to hearing from you: What do you think?  What are you learning?

Jane Brz

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Jane’s Lessons Learned”

  1. Today I learned that digging out our old Flexible Flyer to use at 9PM on a snowy night is the ultimate in happy moments….and that little pugs can sit on the back of a 28 year old human male sledding down a hill and not fall off! Happy New Year to all! I love your idea of the grog, Jane. Thanks to the girls for helping you set it up.

  2. Today I learned what a “promise ring” is when daughter asked for one for her 13th birthday. Her definition was “not have sex until marriage.”

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