Big Lessons Learned from Malaena

Malaena moved acros the country and included some great lessons of her own in a change-of-address email.  She generously agreed to share them with all of you:

I have learned:

  • People are there for you when you need it- but you need to be willing to ask!
  • Don’t wait until “the goodbye” to tell each other how you feel.
  • A clear vision, intentional patience with strong determination can clear away all obstacles from reaching your goal.
  • Two suitcases can carry everything you really need!  We all have way too much “stuff”.
  • Walking everywhere (no car yet) is not only great exercise but purposeful living.
  • After achieving your goals, leave space for dreaming the next ones.

 I may be far in miles, but I am still very close by and available by phone for work/life coaching, psychotherapy, spiritual counseling and Kabbalistic healing services.  Many of you have already experienced phone sessions to be just as rewarding and helpful as in-person sessions.  I also plan to integrate Skype into my sessions, for those who would enjoy the visual contact.

Malaena Nahmias M.Ed. LCSW
AWARENESS Counseling & Training
P.O. Box 1407  Menlo Park, CA 94026-1407

6 thoughts on “Big Lessons Learned from Malaena”

  1. I learned that there is a little happy face somewhere on your blog. Can you find it? 🙂

    (No, it’s not that one!)

  2. I learned that Freezer bags aren’t perfect. I learned that if you put your favorite homemade soup in a freezer bag and then put it in the freezer for a cold day, that it conforms and wraps itself around the wire rack! You can’t get it out without bending the wire rack. You really are not in the mood to be playing inside a freezer when you are reaching for that soup cause your COLD!!!

  3. I learned that the best day and time of the year to go on a long walk in New England is a Sunday afternoon when the Patriots are in a playoff game. I had the most glorious, quiet walk along the streets. I could hear every bird, I could hear the trees rustling far away telling me a wind was coming. The sky was so blue and the evergreens were so green and the air was so cold, but I was so happy and warm as I walked with my dog.

    Can’t wait till the next Patriots playoff game.

  4. Having moved also across the country, I completely agree that we have too much stuff, giving away while you know others can use it and will enjoy it is freeing. Don’t ever let worrying about things put off taking care of business. There are people that will be there for you, many you needn’t ask they just know. These are usually people who have faced the same challenges and know what they needed. Others are just God’s angels offering themselves up as your stepping stones. Walking helps you know the roots of a community, what it has grown up around , and who really cares about it. Nature shows thru on a walk even when you think you have landed in a concrete jungle. Grass still grows thru cracks in the sidewalk on that ever striving hunt for the light.

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